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"Quality is the result of a carefully constructed cultural environment. It has to be the fabric of the organization and not part of the fabric"
- Philip Crosby

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

We believe that maintaining a high standard of quality in our products is critical to our Company and its continued success. We have put in place quality systems that cover all areas of our business processes, from manufacturing to product delivery for ensuring consistent quality, efficacy and safety of our products. We also have a corporate quality team at Thane consisting of about 18 employees who monitor the compliance activities like internal audits and external vendor. This team also coordinates with the supply chain, planning, business development, regulatory and R&D departments in initial stages of new product introduction, submissions and approvals.

We believe that we implement and maintain best industry practices including for, adequate premises and space, suitable equipment, appropriate use of raw materials, carrying out our manufacturing through approved procedures and instructions, and equipped laboratories. Our employees are required to undergo thorough training programs designed to update them on latest quality norms and standards periodically. Our facility is regularly inspected for compliance by regulatory agencies. Our quality control audit procedures are also regularly updated to comply with any changes in international regulatory requirements.

Further, our equipments are also qualified on installation before being commissioned for routine production and are maintained in a state of validation till retirement. Our quality function monitors all stages of product development including raw materials to the final finished product. Our quality control department also ensures that materials received from vendors also comply with our internal standards and specifications. All products are tested to specification before release to market and monitored throughout shelf life through the stability program.

Various in-process quality checks are performed to monitor product quality during manufacturing process.

Inventia's facility is audited by various regulatory authorities.. Inventia's partners include both leading Indian and multinational corporations Take a look at our products we develop
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