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Preferred development and manufacturing partner

We have a flexible business model and long-standing relationship with our partners. The various models through which we currently sell our products are as follows:

  • Licensing products to partners:
    This is our primary model to sell our products. Under this model, we study market trends both from a commercial and regulatory perspective and upon interaction with partners, we offer semi-finished or finished products depending on the need of markets and our partner.

  • Co-marketing through a distributor:
    Under this model, the product is developed by us using our proprietary technology and is subsequently manufactured at our facility. We then register the dossier in our name. Our partner is responsible for distributing /assisting us for distribution of our products under our brand name.
Inventia's facility is audited by various regulatory authorities.. Inventia's partners include both leading Indian and multinational corporations Take a look at our products we develop
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